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Отправляя свои контактные данные, вы соглашаетесь на обработку персональных данных и получение email-сообщений от Высшей школы «Среда обучения»

Юлия Верещагина, студентка Факультета иностранных языков — о том, как вынужденные сложности приводят к большой мечте. Рассказывает Юлия по-английски, чтобы мы с вами могли потренировать язык вместе! — Ред.
Several months ago, my life changed completely.

No, I didn't win a million dollars neither married a rich man. I just left my job where I had been working for fifteen years.

I worked at one of the largest bank in Kazakhstan. And unfortunately, the crisis affected it too. So, the bank where I had spent fifteen happy years was bought by another bank. The new management started to implement its new rules. I tried to adapt to the new conditions, but I missed my old bank and old team so much that I couldn't work under the new rules. So, I took a decision to leave my job and try something new.

I wouldn't say that event upset me very much. On the contrary, I was happy to change my carrier and try another field of working experience. Even psychologists advise to change your job completely every seven years. And considering my work experience, I should have changed my job twice.

So, having left my bank, I had to think over my future activity. Some time before, I had graduated from the institute of foreign languages but it happened so that I didn't use the language (I learned English) at my work. But I tried to keep it on the level by reading books and watching films.

I didn't have any wish to continue working at another bank, but I thought about teaching English. All the more, I already had an experience of teaching English after having graduated from the institute.

So, I had a little experience and a huge wish to restart teaching English.

As soon as I had left the bank, I found the place where I could realize my dream. It is a children's educational center where I'm working now.

The only thing I need now is a diploma of teaching English as my previous education doesn't cover this point. I studied at the international affairs faculty and there were no methodology of the English language.

The next step in my dream is to get a diploma of an English teacher. And thanks to a happy chance I found out about "Sreda obucheniya" through the add on Telegram.

You ask what was helpful in the course. I would answer EVERYTHING. All the information was useful and interesting. Even if you told us about the thinks I had already known, they became more organized and structured in my head. Special thanks for recommended web links. It was especially a very important information for me. I even couldn't imagine that there were so many interesting and informative sites. As a future teacher, I think I will use them further in my teaching career.
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